An Interview with Markus Frind, Founder of POF

By An Interview with Markus Frind, Founder of POF
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Markus Frind, Founder of, shared his insight with me on how people who log on to his website can take an effective and wise approach to "swim" towards their soulmate. As the series progresses, Frind will be featured as he provides his own wisdom to those singletons looking on for a "keeper fish". Sure, you may meet someone who misrepresents their job and education but they are 'catch and release' fish who were nothing more than target practice. You got to let those ones go in order to be free to catch the real thing! There truly are plenty of fish in the sea but in the words of author Kathryn Alice, you only need one: your soulmate.


1. Is there an algorithm of love? How does select the match and who will respond profiles for a user? Yes, POF matches users based on what they say they want in a partner - but also factors in certain user activity on the site. For instance, if you say you are looking for a relationship but you’re constantly contacting users who are looking for something casual, you’re going to start seeing more of the latter coming up in your matches. Our matching algorithm also removes users we’re confident you won’t date. For example, if you say you will never date a smoker, we won’t show you any!

2. Is the digital cupid aspect of similar to what the odds are in a bar or other social event? While it’s not overly difficult to meet new people at a bar, as everyone is having fun and letting loose in a casual atmosphere, it is difficult to meet the RIGHT person. Instead of competing with loud music and a barrage of other distractions, we allow for an experience that promotes interaction on a deeper level. It’s a much more efficient way of exploring your compatibility with someone when you are privy to many of their interests and core values almost immediately - as opposed to several dates down the line. Also,If you’re a woman looking for an educated guy who lives 10 miles away from you, you can search POF based on this criteria. At a bar, you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you don’t even know if the guy you’re eyeing is single!

3. How does what reflect your vision for what you wanted the site to be? POF was created to fill a vacancy in the online dating industry as a free site to give people what they were looking for- options, and people users would want to meet in the real world. Not only have we accomplished that and flourished in the process, but POF continues adapting as a business to facilitate the evolving world of dating. Our mobile apps for Android and iPhone are growing at a rate of several percent each week, and 70% of POF users last accessed the site via mobile device.

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