10 Ladies That Leonardo DiCaprio Could [Finally] Settle Down With


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We think it's time Leo start looking outside his normal 'type.'

It's no secret that Leonardo Dicaprio loves his models and loves his blondes. But now that he is back on the market after calling it quits with Victoria's Secret beauty Erin Heatherton, we think it's about time Leo settle down. Don't you?

The 37-year-old actor has a habit of dating beautiful women for a few years and then moving on to the next. Past loves include Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bundchen and Ryan Reynold's wife Blake Lively. He loves taking them on exotic vacations and hitting up L.A. hotspots. So is he just afraid of committment?

While it's totally cool to play the field, perhaps Leo should try dating girls outside his normal circle. However, it can be hard to move out of one realm. "Another way to break out of a dating comfort zone is to take a huge risk and jump out of the box," one of our expert partners at Matchmaker said. "By playing it safe, you're existing in a world of ho hum emotions and predictability. Dating is an opportunity to hone in on exactly what you need in a relationship and from a partner, your type or not. It's your chance to decide your own fate, and there shouldn't be anything predictable about it. Love will surprise you, if you let it."

So, we've got ten sexy celebrities that would be adorable with Mr. DiCaprio. So Leo, let them surprise you!

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