Top 10 Dating Dos and Don’ts


Top 10 Dating Dos and Don’ts

5. Compliment him. If he looks good and smells good, tell him! Everyone wants to feel good about him or herself.

6. Guys cannot stand a girl that is too chatty and catty. It is an automatic turn-off.  Another turn-off is a girl who nags. Remember that guys like a girl who can make meaningful contributions to the conversation and not just talk about other people.


7. Dress sexy but not provocative. Men are visual creatures. A little leg and a little arm never hurt, but do not go overboard and send the wrong message. Be sure to leave something to the imagination.

8. Don’t drink too much. Two drink maximum, ladies!  Any more, and you may become sloppy. A turn-on is someone who can hold her own and still carry on a conversation without relying on liquid courage.

9. After a great date, you can send a thank you text, but that’s it! Don’t smother a guy and over-pursue him. No one likes desperation in a woman.

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10. Guys don’t like when you compare your relationship to another one. They don’t want to hear about your friends and their relationships. Just remember, the male ego is fragile and needs to be handled with care.

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