Hot Damn!


Hot Damn!
Hot, first date sex with a man who made me melt . . . .

by Panty Parade / Off Go the Panties

Have you ever experienced uttering something out loud that should clearly be kept strictly in your head? What about reflexively taking in your breath after seeing something startlingly beautiful? I caught myself doing both of those things last night as Damn Man walked toward me without his shirt on from the end of the bed.

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My breathy “Daaaamn . . . .” was barely audible, and it caught him off-guard so he asked me to repeat myself. As I did, he jumped into bed clearly pleased with my outburst and began kissing me with the kind of passion I’ve been sorely missing from my love life.

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Damn Man’s “work in progress” as he calls it is the perfect Michelangelo’s David torso. His shaved chest gives me goosebumps as I run my fingers along his perfectly defined pectorals. When we have sex in the missionary position, I hold on to his toned, muscular arms for dear life.

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