Yikes! This Date Sucks! Now What?


How to survive a bad date...

I’ve been on more than a few bad dates in my lifetime, but I haven’t had a seriously bad date in a long time. That’s because I’ve learned what to do…and what not to do. Here’s a few tips on how to cut your “oh no!” dates down to a minimum (and, of course, I’m assuming that the badness in the bad date is not your fault):

The Only Tip You Really Need
▪ Make the first date a short date. Meet for coffee and dessert. Or a drink. The first date should last an hour. You can tolerate anything for an hour, right? If you like each other, you can always schedule another one for another day.

If you ignore the above tip and find yourself out on a good-date-gone-bad, first consider how bad it really is, on a scale of 1-10. What you should do next… Read more: http://eleanorewells.com/yikes-this-date-sucks-now-what-or-how-to-surviv...


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