Get Hitched with Hussey: Get the Guy Who Honors You (Part 4)


Get Hitched with Hussey: Get the Guy Who Honors You (Part 4)
British dating coach Matthew Hussey is a real life Hitch who emphasizes to women to demand respect.

Mercedes and I can only hope that Calvin is at home kicking himself. He may have been the typical tall, dark, and deadly handsome man back when Athena was having her temporary insanity crush on him but Dr. Stellios is her true hero. Calvin can sing the blues wanting to be her hero now but instead is out of luck, alas time waits for no one. The key thing to learn from Athena's story are the following: surround yourself with people who support you 100% to achieve your dreams as quickly as possible, do the work with full intensity and seriousness as if your life depends on it, and take on Matthew Hussey's three-month challenge. Your love life should have that sense of urgency because like another song sings, the price is too high not to love. Oh La La!

Final suggestion: Matthew Hussey's "Get the Guy" system wasn't the only method that Athena followed. She also benefited from reading the book "Love Will Find You" by Kathryn Alice (this is where she got the idea to do the letter writing in her journal to release Ronan and welcome in a true love), and "Let Love In" by clinical hypnotherapist Debi Berndt, which addresses shifting beliefs that support healthy relationship goals. Athena found both books to be perfect complements to her mindset as she implemented Matthew's action and results oriented program in her own life. Giving all three love tools a try led Athena to the love of her life in no time.

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