Get Hitched with Hussey: Get the Guy Who Honors You (Part 4)


Get Hitched with Hussey: Get the Guy Who Honors You (Part 4)
British dating coach Matthew Hussey is a real life Hitch who emphasizes to women to demand respect.

Since Jackman has a classically handsome face Athena sometimes calls him Adonis. Based on her fondness for Jackman, Athena called her future love at the time she wrote the second letter, the man who would be her real-life Adonis. Athena's soon-to-be fiance Dr. Stellios is also an Adonis in her eyes. He doesn't look like Jackman, rather, he actually resembles the movie character of the same name in the film 300. The Greek Gods really have a great sense of humor.

Dear Soulmate,


I have let go fully of Ronan. He does not deserve me. The space in my heart, mind, and soul is now 100% clear just for you and you alone. Unless and until you are here, no one else will win my heart and love. I reserve my special love that I have completely, just for you. I only want you soulmate. I choose only you and only you will have my full dedication and devotion Once we meet I will pledge myself utterly to just you. Only think of me as High Value Woman. Only you are worthy of love because you respect me, cherish me, adore me and only me like no one else. You love me with all your heart. I only have eyes for you and you only have eyes for me. I am your forever beloved and you are mine. Our romance is an ongoing mad love affair for life. My life and love are all yours. I am your prize and no other ... just as you are to me. I love how you love me the way my favorite actor proudly shows his love for his wife. I know you are the one, the right one, and our souls have always belonged together. When I met you, I was amazed that you were everything and more that I ever wished for. I am so happy that we are one another's dream come true. Since you are worthy of me and I of you, we have earned the right and privilege to hold our hearts in our hands the rest of our lives and beyond. You possess me, you have me, you have claimed me, and I am blissfully joyful that I am yours. Nothing compares to you because nothing to you compares to me. Our love is blessed and fulfills a beautiful destiny. I am so thankful that you finally found me because you I know you feel the same. Truly ours is a kind of love that is "till death do us part" but will survive beyond. Our love is a bond that is unbreakable. You are the other side of my soul and vice versa. Athena

So remember, the best thing that ever happened to Athena began as something far from the best thing. It started with being in the friends zone. She was so upset that it spurred her into action with some prompting from Mercedes and I. Athena plunged head first in working the "Get the Guy" dating system that she went from being turned away by a cad into being chosen by somebody better. Whenever someone turns you down they are actually doing you a favor as much as it feels like the total opposite in the moment. The good thing is, your love life is in your hands. Give your experience of dating a boost. Isn't real love of the best medicine to receive after being friends zoned and emotionally baited by someone who could not see how beautiful Athena was? How could it not? Calvin is now passé and the best thing Athena never had. She just really dodged a bullet.

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