Get Hitched with Hussey: Get the Guy Who Honors You (Part 4)


Get Hitched with Hussey: Get the Guy Who Honors You (Part 4)
British dating coach Matthew Hussey is a real life Hitch who emphasizes to women to demand respect.

So much can happen in a day or just 6 weeks. Just before her birthday Athena only had eyes for Calvin, who had eyes for every other woman except her. She would listen to songs like "Why Not Me?", "You Belong With Me", "We Belong", "Why Can't This Be Love", which put herself in such misery. Now she has radically changed her tune. Instead, Athena has found Dr. Stellios and together they listen to more uplifting songs like "Finally Found You", "You Look Beautiful in White", "Memories of This", "Its So Easy Loving You", "As Long As I Can Be With You", "You and I", and of course "From This Moment" by Shania Twain. As for Calvin the cad, he could create a playlist of melodies that include "Working my way back to you Babe", "Love is a Hurricane", "Back to You", "This Time" "Give Me One More Chance", "In These Arms", "I'll Be the One", or "Turn Back Time" on every radio station in North America but all his attempts would fall on deaf ears.

When Athena was available Calvin wanted her around to gratify his selfish ego even if it meant hurting her. Once Athena realized she was a High Value Woman and found Dr. Stellios, who was worth of her, Calvin realized too late how much of a catch that Athena was. How did the tables turn so fast? Athena followed the "Get the Guy" dating system from British dating Matthew Hussey. The concept of the High Value Woman was a key lesson and learning tool to fast tracking Athena's experience of dating. Eventually it lead her to the right person, Dr. Stellios. After watching one of the modules online from "The Man Myth" seminar, Athena decided to journal a letter to the type of person she was looking for. What kind of man deserves to join the life of a high value woman? The concept is a key in the "Get the Guy" system because confidence and and healthy self-esteem are irresistible factors in attracting an ideal partner. After Athena immersed herself in the concepts and principles that Hussey teaches she wrote the following letter to her "future soulmate" just before meeting the man of her dreams. This is not an exercise in the "Get the Guy" system but Athena's way of reminding herself that she was demanding the kind of respect that Matthew Hussey teaches women to stand for in their lives.

As background information before reading Athena's letter to her Soulmate it is important to know that Hugh Jackman has been her favorite actor ever since she saw him in the film Swordfish. It was a movie about a father who would do anything to be with his daughter and regain custody so she would be safe. The fact that Jackman is apparently 1/8th Greek, according to Athena, also endeared the actor to her. For years Athena has gushed with admiration at how Jackman has such a genuine display of respect, love and commitment to his wife Deb when interviewed about her. So in that respect the Australian actor has a fan for life in Athena. His marriage is the kind she really would love in her own life.

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