Get Hitched with Hussey: British Dating Coach Helps Get the Guy


Get Hitched with Hussey: British Dating Coach Helps Get the Guy
How the "Get the Guy" attraction method turned around a love life in 6 weeks.

Like many other consumers and journalists, I was convinced that Hussey was just another dating hustler preying on vulnerable female emotions. The dating industry is very big business. There is a course, workshop or book on every corner. The plethora of material on the market right now is contradictory and at  times misleading. At the end of the day, statistical results both qualitative and quantitative are the two litmus tests of value for any type of dating system aimed at giving you the tools to have the love life you want. Mathematically, it seems that Hussey's clients found love at far above average rates in their sector.

Matthew Hussey came to my attention through my girlfriend Mercedes in Toronto. I am very close friends with Mercedes and her cousin Athena in Chicago. Mercedes learned of Hussey from colleages in London. Hussey's coaching philosophy came at the right time because both Mercedes and I were very concerned about Athena. Athena was head over heels in attraction and fondness with a man who just wanted to be her friend. With Mercedes in Toronto and I in San Francisco, we needed to find something that could break the spell of Athena's crush. Since Mercedes and I were opposite ends of the North American continent, our pleas to Athena to let this cad named Calvin go for good was not working. We pleaded with her for months. Mercedes spoke to Athena till she was blue in the face. So did I. Athena, a beautiful and brilliant pediatrician was simply stuck on Calvin, who had a girlfriend. Calvin took Athena out on a "date" on a Thursday and then the following Tuesday told her he was not interested or found her attracted and decideed to get serious about someone else. Calvin did the devious thing by telling Athena he wanted to still be friends. She bit the poision bait and fell into a heartbreaking friends zone.


Mercedes decided to contact me about Matthew Hussey's attraction system and together we decided to get an membership for Athena as a gift on her birthday this past summer September 27. Mercedes had done her research on Hussey after learning of him from British friends by reading several British magazines with article on his "Get the Guy" system. Mercedes and I  plotted to break Athena free from the emotional handcuffs of Calvin. We knew that she was way too impressed by Calvin.

Keep in mind that Mercedes and I completely understood why Athena was smitten by Calvin in the first place. He was a Chicago law enforcement officer who looked like the actor Eddie Cahill of the TV show CSI: New York. Calvin, to his credit, was the typcal hot and hunky athletc type. With his dark brown eyes and thick black hair he definitely had the kind of classic masculinity that Athena had always preferred. Unfortunately, Calvin did not see Athena as the Goddess she is. So when Mercedes and I surprised Athena with her membership to the "Get the Guy" system known as "TThe Man Myth" she was offended.So we had to negotiate with her. If it didn't help, we would send her to a luxury spa for a two-week excursion on a resort in Greece as a Christmas gift.

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