Poll: Single Ladies May Sway the Election: Who's Got Your Vote?


Which candidate do you pledge allegiance to?
Will you be voting along marital status lines?

In tomorrow's presidential election, women are poised to have the final say. And polling data shows that the slight majority (51%) of married women favor Romney (our blogger has something to say about that), while a larger majority of single women (63%) are voting for Obama. It's starting to look like single women have the potential to really move the needle here.

But, by the Gallup's own admission, survey data before an election is complex. So it's not necessarily a foregone conclusion that women -- single or otherwise -- will all vote as they've indicated. No matter what happens, it's going to be an incredibly close election.

Since YourTango readers run the gamut from single to married and everything in between, we figured we'd collect some polling data of our own.

So, which candidate are you casting your ballot for tomorrow? Take our poll and let us know your reasons in the comments!

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Single Ladies May Sway the Election: Who's Got Your Vote?:

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