Dating After Divorce: How Soon Is Too Soon?


Dating After Divorce: How Soon Is Too Soon?

By Marni Battista for

There is a certain philosophy that touts the best way to get over someone as getting under someone else. When we peruse the headlines and photos that cover those magazines at the check-out line, it seems clear that most Hollywood celebs certainly subscribe to this way of thinking.


Although Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries isn’t even finalized, there’s talk about Kanye West designing her engagement ring. Plus, we’ve seen photos of their romantic trip to Italy for her birthday and heard rumors of them moving in together. Her recent marriage, albeit a short one, should have still been a significant part of her romantic life. It seems as though it’s long forgotten - almost as if it didn’t exist at all.

Thus, we wonder, when is “too early” to start dating after divorce? Here are a few lessons learned from Kimye's whirlwind romance and a few tips on navigating the dating world after divorce and answering the question, “How soon is too soon?”

1. It’s okay to stay private about your romantic life. Kim’s relationship with Kris, their wedding, and their subsequent divorce was splashed across every news outlet, gossip rag, and television station, practically documenting every minute of every day of her most private moments. Then, just weeks later, we got to watch concerned Khloe meddling in her sister’s relationship business further as she questions Kanye about his relationship with Kim.

After a somewhat catastrophic end to a 72-day marriage, Kim pledged to keep her private life under wraps. But it seems as if she’s been more enthusiastic than ever to share her life with millions, which could prove to be her downfall. While we know People will most likely not be camped outside your door, it could be yours too. If you were recently divorced or your divorce was just finalized, it is not necessary (nor do we recommend) to announce to the world your newfound status. (This includes minute-by-minute tweets and Facebook status updates.) There’s no glory or dignity in “punishing” your ex by going public.

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