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Is the End Of Daylight Savings Bad For Your Relationship?


daylight savings
Fall backward, spring ahead.
Tomorrow we roll back the clocks, and it could affect more than just your sleep schedule.

The hormonal change in your body could also have a detrimental affect on your love life. "Serotonin increases when it’s colder and darker, while dopamine increases when we have more light and more warmth," explains Dr. Wade. She warns that while people who are balanced can handle the fluctuations of the changing seasons, people who are unbalanced or seasonally depressed need to increase their levels of dopamine. To counteract this affect, she recommends increasing physical activities to release endomorphins and get adrenaline pumping. "Any kind of exercise or excitement to give you stimulation will make you happier," says Dr. Wade. "You should also spend more time with family, friends and especially your significant other. Bonding helps stimulation of dopamine."

Certified Sex and Relationship Psychologist Megan Fleming, Ph.D.,adds that light treatment therapy and an increase in vitamin D may also help those prone to seasonal depression when daylight savings ends. Dr. Fleming reminds anyone who may be experiencing symptoms to seek treatment. "You shouldn’t suffer in silence," says Dr. Fleming. "Neither should your relationship."

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