What's Wrong With Sexy Halloween Costumes?


Sexy Halloween Costume
Some people decry sexy Halloween costumes, but I think they can boost confidence in our bodies.

When I asked my former roommate Sabrina Neas, 22, how she would feel if a boyfriend disapproved of her costume, she said, "I would have a big problem with a significant other who told me not to dress up the way I wanted to. He should be proud that I've been blessed with assets worthy of flaunting and proud that I have the confidence to flaunt them!" 

As The Atlantic pointed out in a recent article called "Killing Sexy Halloween: The Ethical And Practical Implications," for many women, Halloween is a time for being body-positive and wearing whatever you wish: "What's wrong with having a night where we can say 'This is my body, and I'm not ashamed of it, or of using it to express my sexuality.' In fact, the only about that that seems wrong to me is the fact that it's limited to one day, when the other 364 days of the year turn that idea on its head," said a contributing writer to Feministing.


Personally, I love the sexy Halloween costume thing. This past weekend, I dressed up as Charlotte from Charlotte's Web wearing a long lace skirt with a leotard that had a lace cut-out down the center and felt just fine about it. It's a fun, creative outlet — if you are of age.

Also, why should sexy Halloween costumes be a woman-only activity? Men, get out your banana hammocks.

How do you feel about sexy Halloween costumes?