When do values kill a date?


a funny first date story

I went to the beach last night with a group of friends and watched the full blood moon rise and had an interesting conversation with one of my guy friends who was telling me about a coffee date he went on. Apparently, his date, whom he met on elitemingle, showed up wearing girly cargo pants and she had extremely bad varicose veins which were, as he described them, "knots as big as my thumb and not just one but her legs were covered with them!" So, I'm thinking to myself "that's unfortunate but what do you care, you can afford to fix them." and that's when he got to the crux of the problem. As they started talking she began telling my buddy how she had just spent $4900 (four thousand nine hundred dollars) on back surgery for her 10 year old dog "fluffy". My friend said he sat there listening to this incredible story of how this lady had gotten rid of her bed frame and box springs so that her dog could get on/off the bed without hurting it self and the whole time he said he just could not get past the fact that she would spend $4900 on a dog and not take care of her own health... but also how the poor dog was still suffering. In the end he said that as he finished his coffee he patted her on her hands, thanked her for coming and told her that they really weren't a good fit. Have you ever gone on a date and ran across someone who had values that you simply couldn't comprehend and no matter how you tried you couldn't wrap your head around where they were?


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