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Tom Hanks On A Second Honeymoon With Rita Wilson!


Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Tom Hanks is so in love with Rita Wilson!
The 'Cloud Atlas' star opens up about his love life and amazing relationship with wife Rita Wilson.

Did you worry the film would be too different? Is it a risk?
I think it’s as risky as Inception. That was a complete one off. You saw it the first time and said, ‘How many movies are in this thing?’

How do you see the future?
I’m a lay historian by nature. I seek out an empirical reflection of the truth. I want dates and motivations. I’ve always felt unconsciously that all human history is the connection between person to person and idea to idea. For me, this movie actually gives a vocabulary to that idea, and I found it to be quite profound. At one point in the film, we’re told that truth is a singular version of the truth. Holy smokes! That’s the deepest version of anything that I’ve ever heard. I also like when Susan Sarandon’s character says, ‘Womb to tomb, we’re all connected and your choices are reverberated through eternity.’ I finally got it!

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Got what?
Life is one big mystery!

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You’ve been acting for a long time. Does it ever get old?
Never. Each movie feels new to me. It’s like starting out again. It seems like I’ve taken a few years off from acting, but the truth was I was doing a lot of producing and writing, which is also great.

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