Tom Hanks On A Second Honeymoon With Rita Wilson!


Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
The 'Cloud Atlas' star opens up about his love life and amazing relationship with wife Rita Wilson.

Did you worry the film would be too different? Is it a risk?
I think it’s as risky as Inception. That was a complete one off. You saw it the first time and said, ‘How many movies are in this thing?’

How do you see the future?
I’m a lay historian by nature. I seek out an empirical reflection of the truth. I want dates and motivations. I’ve always felt unconsciously that all human history is the connection between person to person and idea to idea. For me, this movie actually gives a vocabulary to that idea, and I found it to be quite profound. At one point in the film, we’re told that truth is a singular version of the truth. Holy smokes! That’s the deepest version of anything that I’ve ever heard. I also like when Susan Sarandon’s character says, ‘Womb to tomb, we’re all connected and your choices are reverberated through eternity.’ I finally got it!


Got what?
Life is one big mystery!

You’ve been acting for a long time. Does it ever get old?
Never. Each movie feels new to me. It’s like starting out again. It seems like I’ve taken a few years off from acting, but the truth was I was doing a lot of producing and writing, which is also great.

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