Vaginal Massage


Vaginal Massage
A technique for internal massage of the female vagina for pleasure or therapy.

This is a variant of the Kegel exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

With your palm facing up, and middle finger inside her vagina, move your middle in exploratory movements, searching for a small pad of slightly rougher but spongy tissue on the front wall of the vagina about 1- 2 inches in and pretty much directly behind the top of the pubic bone. This pad of spongy tissue is commonly known as the ‘G-spot’, named after the gentleman who supposedly first documented it, Dr Grafenburg. Sometimes, some pressure applied with the other hand to the lower abdomen immediately above the pubic bone will help in locating the G-spot.


When you have located the recipient’s G-spot, move your finger back and forth in a ‘come hither’ gesture up and down the area, gently stroking it. Also move your finger in circles and from side to side. Take your time … And ASK the recipient how much pressure she wants you to use. She may very well want more pressure and speed as/when/if she becomes more aroused. This process may very well lead to the recipient having an orgasm or, if you are both lucky, multiple orgasms.

It is also very helpful at the end of a vaginal massage for the giver to remain with the recipient, either in direct contact or close at hand as the recipient desires, while the recipient comes back to more or less normal awareness. It is often helpful to ask the recipient what she would like at this time because individual wants and needs can vary quite markedly, not only between individuals but even between individual events with the same recipient.

Ladies, I hope you get rubbed up the right way – many times.

Gents, I hope you have great success in rubbing your recipient to ecstasy and learn more about her in the process.

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