Vaginal Massage


Vaginal Massage
A technique for internal massage of the female vagina for pleasure or therapy.

Vaginal Massage.

Many couples indulge in some form and/or level of vaginal stimulation as a foreplay technique but few make it a major event, either as part of the foreplay or as an event on its own.


A vaginal massage can be an extremely pleasurable experience and it can help your intimate relationship. It can release emotional tensions and stress and can help to heal or release the effects of sexual trauma or abuse.

Some clinical studies have also shown that vaginal massage during the third trimester of pregnancy can help to reduce the incidence of episiotomy, tearing of the vaginal opening, during childbirth.

It is extremely important for the giver of the massage to make VERY sure that there are no sharp edges on their fingers and hands. You will be entering into and working with some of the more delicate tissue in the female body. Men, if you work outdoors and get rough hands, spend some time with an emery board taking the ‘sharp edges’ off. Ladies, if you are giving a female friend – or yourself – a special treat, make sure your nails are well trimmed and smooth – and preferably short.

If you CAN’T get your hands smooth and with NO sharp points, I suggest that you use thin rubber or plastic gloves. I have found that all of the women with whom I have worked do prefer the direct contact of human skin in their vaginas over the ‘non-feel’ of synthetic substances but NOT being scratched deep inside is usually even more preferable.

If the recipient and the giver are already on intimate terms, it is often acceptable to go straight to the vaginal massage. How-wevver, it is often better to give at least a partial body massage before starting on the ‘serious stuff’. It can also be a very good idea to give the recipient both a pelvic floor sculpting and a Yoni – vulva – massage before progressing to the vaginal massage.

If you are a therapist using these techniques with a client, especially a new client, it would be a VERY good idea to have some dialogue with the recipient/client prior to commencing to discover whether or not there has been any sexual trauma in her past. In the event that there is some history of sexual trauma, I would definitely recommend beginning with a full body massage before progressing through the pelvic floor sculpting and the Yoni massage and ending with the vaginal massage. How-wevver, even before beginning any massage work at all, I would suggest taking the recipient through the emotional pain release exercises described in one of my earlier articles, the first one in this series entitled, “Relieving Or Releasing Emotional Pain.”

Some discussion about whether or not the recipient wants to go all the way to orgasm would also be advisable. The recipient’s comfort zone MUST be taken into consideration in this work, especially in a therapy situation, or any possible benefits may be totally lost.

Another little ‘trick’ that helps to eliminate distractions and keep the recipient focussed on the massage and their feelings is to cover their eyes, either with a sleeping mask or by simply placing a small folded towel over the eyes.

Vaginal Massage Techniques.

Have the recipient lie on her back and place a pillow under her hips. Her legs should be spread apart with knees slightly bent and her genitals well exposed for the massage.

Start by lightly massaging the chest, arms, and hands. Then glide down to the legs.