'Ice Loves Coco' Star Coco Austin Opens Up About Life With Ice-T


Ice-T & Coco
Ice-T's wife Coco Austin gives us a sneak peek at the new season of E!'s 'Ice Loves Coco.'

Many women struggle with feeling sexy. What advice can you give them?
It's all about confidence. For me, I go to the gym and dedicate time to looking good, or I throw on heels. If I'm having a bad day, I can put heels on, and it becomes a good day. It's all about thinking 'what will make me happy?' Women need to have a conversation with themselves; we all get stuck in our ways, but we need to step outside the box and do something for ourselves. My sister has four kids and rarely does anything for herself, so when I see her, I take her to get her nails done! She's automatically in a better mood! Do what makes you feel confident.

Speaking of kids—do you want to have children with Ice?
You know, the pressures really on me! I hit thirty, and all of a sudden my family and friends with kids are on my case! So I hit an internal issue: do I want to have kids for me or for others? I'm really driven and doing many projects, and I know if I have a kid, I will drop everything. I'm a hands on person so I'll want to be there, I don't want to just hire a nanny! So, I just need to get to that point. I'm definitely reaching the point where I need to really seriously start thinking about it.


How does Ice feel about it?
He's ready when I am! He isn't in a hurry because he has two kids of his own. It's up to me. I'm still young! I'm only 33!

You're about to start season three of E!'s Ice Loves Coco. Has your relationship with Ice changed at all since the cameras started rolling?
Ice and I love each other so much. With the show came more projects, so naturally we spend more time apart. I don't think people realize that for, I don't know, six years I would go to work with him at Law & Order every day. They had an office for me, and I would do all of his scheduling. We spent every minute together. It's a little sad now that we don't, but we still see each other every night and are still so in love.

You're so busy! How do you stay in such great shape?
I started with a personal trainer named Thomas Patterson! He's out in New Jersey. I'd never heard of his method—using your own body weight as resistance. I kept it quiet at first because I wanted to see the results ... I lost four percent body fat in two weeks. So now, I'm telling everyone. It's all about changing up your routine. This guy puts me in the weirdest positions! But it really works.

Wow! So you work really hard to keep toned! What else would surprise fans about you?
Well, I'm a really good boxer! I take classes with a trainer. I've never had to use those skills yet, though.

Which celebrity couple do you admire the most?
Probably Jay-z and Beyonce! They stand for so much, individually and together. They're their own empire! They've got fashion, sexiness; they're just an all around power couple. I'm in awe of them.

The new season of Ice Loves Coco starts Sunday. What can we expect? Any spoilers to share!?
Season three is the best season yet. There are so many exciting things happening—fashion week, talk of freezing my eggs, working on the new home, headlining Vegas. It's a lot of great stuff.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday, October 28 at 10 PM for the premiere of Ice Loves Coco.

Photo Credit: Timothy White/NBC Universal

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