Table For One: What My Breakup Taught Me About Dining Alone


woman Dining Alone
How my first solo dining experience helped me find myself again after a difficult breakup.

Since that first dining-alone experience at the Banc Café, I've learned to enjoy the time I spend with myself. I've dined alone and traveled alone, snapping hundreds of photos of my favorite foods, which would eventually become the basis of my food blog, Fairytale Feasts — one of the first things I created on my own post-relationship, simply because it made me happy. It put me on the road to finding myself again.

I've also learned that you're never really alone — that when your mind is quiet enough to observe and appreciate the world around you, you come into contact with people and ideas you may have otherwise missed. These are the things that will fill your whole being with joy and wonder, that will strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, and that will plant the seed of love for the present moment, whether you're on your own or in a relationship.


While I would love to find someone to share my life with, and I have my lonely moments, I know I can't postpone my life until that happens. I may dream of that special someone sitting across the table from me, asking me how my day was and if my steak was cooked properly — but I won't wait until he comes along to go out and order it. I will try to live in the present, to be kind to myself regardless of my relationship status, and to do all the things that I love now, instead of waiting until true love comes along. After all, life is too short to live any other way.

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