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4 Romantic Dinners To Make At Home


romantic dinner
Skip the downtown bistro for a cozy night in.
Get creative in the kitchen with these four at-home dinner date ideas!

What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner for two? Forget about meeting your date at the fancy downtown restaurant: Hosting an at-home dinner date is a great idea whether you and your date are just getting acquainted or you're looking to rekindle the romance with a longtime lover. Not only will you be less distracted and feel more comfortable in a homey setting, a date at home is more affordable and more intimate. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to show off your mad kitchen skills (not to mention, your to-die-for lemon chicken) than a homemade dinner for two. So dim the lights, crank up the music and heat up the stove. Here are four easy, yet delectable ideas for a romantic dinner at home (you'll want to break out the good wine for these).

PHOTO GALLERY: 4 Romantic Dinners To Make At Home

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