Tantric Massage Instructions for Yoni/Vulva massage


Tantric Massage Instructions for Yoni/Vulva massage
A simple yet comprehensive guide for performing a Tantric massage on the female Vulva or Yoni.

You can have several of these short pauses or slow-downs to allow the arousal and sexual tension to really build up before you take her all the way to orgasm, assuming that you have both agreed on that being the eventual outcome. Mind you, if the recipient starts offering to belt you over the head if you don’t allow her to orgasm, you might be well advised to accede to her wishes.

When the actual massage is completed, whether the recipient has orgasmed or not, remain with them to whatever extent they may want or need until they have at least largely returned to normal consciousness and awareness. This may or may not involve actual physical contact, or it may only involve talking or, more likely, listening. It is often very beneficial if the recipient talks about what they have just experienced as this helps many women to assimilate the experience. You, the masseur/masseuse, need to be totally supportive in this process.


Massagers, I wish you happy rubbing. Recipients, I hope you get rubbed up the RIGHT way - - - - MANY times.

You have a wonderful massage experience. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

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