Tantric Massage Instructions for Yoni/Vulva massage


Tantric Massage Instructions for Yoni/Vulva massage
A simple yet comprehensive guide for performing a Tantric massage on the female Vulva or Yoni.

Tantric Massage Instructions for Yoni/Vulva Massage.

Many of you will have heard of Tantric sex and massage. Tantric sex and the associated massage practices were created from the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed then your health will benefit. People who are sexually satisfied usually have pretty good self- esteem too.


This massage does tend to cause orgasms. This is NOT necessarily the main aim or goal of a Tantric massage but it is a not uncommon occurrence. These orgasms are usually seen as a bonus rather than the aim. However, when working with a woman who is either non-orgasmic or has difficulty achieving orgasms, it is often the aim to achieve orgasm. Having said this, it should never be the ONLY criteria for success in such cases. The MAIN criteria for success in such cases should be that the recipient becomes more relaxed and experiences SOME degree of pleasure. This is a foundation that can be built on in successive massages.

Although Tantric massage does not involve actual penetrative sex with the penis, or Lingam, it does involve touching of the sexual organs. It could safely be described as a ‘contact sport’ in this regard. In the case of a female recipient, this may commonly involve vaginal penetration with a finger or fingers for the purpose of massaging the vagina and/or stimulating the G-spot to give pleasure or achieve orgasm. This article will not cover the aspects of vaginal penetration and massage. (I have to leave something to write about next time.)
Due to legal and societal constraints, there are not many health practitioners offering this form of treatment. For this reason you are unlikely to find it offered at your local health centre. You are far more likely to find it on offer in massage parlours in major cities or with the rare alternative health practitioner who does offer these services.

If you want to try this form of massage with your partner, here is a basic guide to Tantric massage as it applies to a female recipient.

Because this exercise is about Tantric massage, from this point on the penis will be referred to as a ‘Lingam’ (wand of light ) and the female genitals will be called ‘Yoni’ (sacred space or sacred temple). Some people feel that those words sound much nicer than the alternatives but that is mostly a matter of perception.

If you, the female recipient, are visiting somewhere for your massage, you need to decide either beforehand or in discussion with the practitioner whether you will be getting naked or not. Some Tantric/genital massage can be done on both males and females with underwear still in place but it is not nearly as easy to access the areas concerned. If you wish to maintain some level of modesty or security, by all means keep your underwear on. After all, the MAIN object of the exercise is to have the recipient relaxed and comfortable so that they can surrender to the pleasure that may be derived from whatever level of access they are comfortable with permitting.

On the other hand, IF you want the utmost from the experience, it definitely pays to surrender modesty and get fully naked to allow the operator full access to ALL of your body. Even when totally naked, you still retain the right to declare a halt or a ‘no-go’ zone.

When setting the scene, choose some soft music (whale music is optional) and a warm but not HOT environment.

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