3 Tips To Having Your Man Commit To Marriage


3 Tips To Having Your Man Commit To Marriage
Getting a man to propose is a lot like riding a bull it takes a lot of time and patience

nd have been together a long time will help your man realize how great he has it and it will get him thinking more about a commit.

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Tip 3:

Play Date

Remember back in tip one we talked about being like the lizard and you working on camouflaging your self?
Now is the perfect time to put this in to work, after you have done your homework and found a great cool couple that the both of you connect with.

Once you and the new couple that you guys have met, have hung out for a little while, you should suggest time a part you and the women go have a day together and allow the two men to go do what they love together, it could be playing golf smoking cigars whatever it is allow them to spend alone time together.

here is why this is you camouflaging yourself by having the two boys hang out and have their time, it allows your man to open up more and speak his mind about commit things he wouldn't say in front of you.

This now gives his new male friend the chance to tell him the positive things about a commitment instead of your man's other guy friends who speak negative toward commit and marriage.

After your man has hung out with his new male friend he will have a completely different look on commit this could easily lead you standing at the alter a lot sooner than you ever thought.

Now your part isn't done yet you still need to learn more about your man and how to keep things going like this as long as it takes him till he commits...

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