5 'Beertails' To Make Your Boyfriend Try, Stat


couple drinking
He loves beer, you love liquor. How to combine your interests into one delicious drink.

Fact, according to OkCupid: Whether someone likes the taste of beer is the single best predictor of whether he or she will have sex on the first date.

Make of it what you will, but I'm definitely a cocktail drinker. Give me a mojito or cranberry-vodka and I'm happy. Most men, however, prefer beer (which dovetails nicely with the OkCupid findings, no?) 

So what happens if you find yourself making drinks at home — and your boyfriend likes beer, while you're a Tequila Sunrise gal? Should you just make your own separate drinks? Nope. BO-RING. Obviously, you should make beertails as a couple. You'll get to learn about each other's tastes and enjoy some original, refreshing drinks together. Now that's love.

Check out my favorite beertail recipes -- from classics to some I've made up myself. PHOTO GALLERY: He Likes Beer, You Like Liquor: Time For Beertails

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