5 Foods Perfect For Hiding An Engagement Ring


coffee cup engagement ring
Creative food-related proposal ideas (that won't leave a girl hospitalized).

Although some of us may prefer a traditional proposal, complete with your man getting down on one knee with a black velvet box, the rest of us crave a little more creativity. But on the other hand, we definitely don't want to be the girl who was rushed off to the hospital after drinking the entire Wendy's frosty in which her boyfriend hid the engagement ring. Or the woman who bit into a metal-studded crème brulee. These true-life stories are perfect examples of why you shouldn't usually combine food and expensive jewelry, but the right approach can make all the difference. We came up with a few slightly more unusual ways to pop the question with culinary cuteness.

PHOTO GALLERY: 5 Foods Perfect For Hiding An Engagement Ring

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