I Love My Non-Drinker Boyfriend ... & My White Wine


Straight Edge
My boyfriend is "straight edge" and I love my drinks, but that doesn't mean we're any less in love.

Some people can't imagine dating a non-drinker. After all, alcohol allows us to loosen up, open up about our secrets and have a care-free time. But dating a teetotaler has been pretty incredible: He always remembers what happened the night before; he never uses the "I was drunk" excuse; it saves a great deal of money when going out; I always have a designated driver; he drives my whole family when we go out (I did mention that we like to drink). And, perhaps most importantly, since there are no drugs or alcohol in his system, he says what he means all the time and doesn't say things he'll regret later. So the first time he told me he loved me, I knew he meant it.

People always ask me: Don't you feel awkward? Doesn't he get mad? Don't you feel weird if you get drunk in front of him? The answer to all of these is simply, no. We are in love. Alcohol doesn't equal fun, after all, but having a fun personality does.


Tell us: Could you date a non-drinker?

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Photo of AJ courtesy of Emily Longeretta.

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