Will My Husband's Bad Eating Habits Rub Off On Our Kid?


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My husband and I are polar opposites when it comes to food. How will this affect our daughter?

That's not to say there isn't regularly occurring rolled eyes, extra loud sighs and a few mini-lectures. With such opposite lifestyle choices like this, we are bound to butt heads... even if I'm in the right here. 

Though soon enough, when our daughter starts asking why she has to eat her veggies even though her daddy doesn't, he's going to have some major 'splaining to do. It's not rocket science that incoporating healthy foods into family meals will result in a child with better eating habits. As far as I see it, he will either have to shape up his diet or start eating drive-thru fare in his car.  


As we get closer to that charming "100 questions of why?" stage, I would like to think we will find a happy medium that benefits all three of us. Until then, I'll just continue to secretly dash in and out of the frozen foods aisle and keep referring to cans of soda as "dada's water."

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