I'm On A Diet, My Boyfriend Loves Bacon: How We Deal


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We're two compatible people with incompatible eating habits.

I won't lie; appeasing our two very different appetites has been a struggle ever since we started getting serious. Before he became a regular in my kitchen, I had fallen into whipping up all sorts of healthy meals for myself; rotating my vegetables and tossing in a carb here and there. I had lost 40 pounds by May. Now that we eat together a few nights a week, I've had to get a bit more creative.

First I made him healthy enchiladas — a hit in Eric's eyes (and stomach), thankfully, despite their low-fat ingredients. But then there were the turkey meatballs, which, according to him, "just taste too different" to replace the old-fashioned kind. Since then, he's vetoed any meal option that subs ground turkey for regular beef. Sadly, I've pretty much cut red meat from my diet this year, so this proves to be tricky. Le sigh.


At the same time, I don't get down on Eric for not being down with the veggies. Instead, I challenge myself to find recipes that suit both sets of taste buds; or, more frequently, customize a recipe instead. Our biggest successes so far: mac and cheese (his has bacon, mine has broccoli) and anything make-your-own (pizza and taco nights are wonderful!) He's a regular Bobby Flay when it comes to grilling meat, while my specialty is — you guessed it — vegetables.

Of course, there are also those nights when he really wants a burger and I really don't. Or the time when he really wanted to go to a steakhouse and I hated their salad options, so I protested.

Kait, you might be saying, aren't you concerned all that bacon will clog your boyfriend's arteries? The answer is yes, of course I am. At the same time, Eric doesn't live a sedentary lifestyle — he's very athletic. Though this doesn't make his veggie aversion any better, it definitely helps. Plus, he may hate broccoli, but he loves fruit. I can't keep a bag of grapes in my apartment for more than a day — he eats them all.

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