My Love Kitchen!


Too many choices for the favorite recipe contest, so i wrote a poem instead!

The dish that makes my man happy
Has no sugar or caramel or anything sappy.

It’s got meat or potatoes or a little of both
and that’s my secret to getting betrothed!

He’s a caveman for sure, so meat is the clue,
Add onion soup mix for the words “I do”

A favorite is breakfast, that’s always a winner!
for extra love points I make it for dinner!

Eggs, some cheese, and bacon no doubt,
The stuff that our romance can’t live without!

My migas are magic, frittatas a dream,
Roasted brisket cooked slow will make him scream!

My twice-baked potatoes will make him swoon
My hungry-man sweetie thinks I hung the moon!

“I love a woman in the kitchen” is his favorite quote
So I give him some snacks, while he hogs the remote.

My old-fashioned popcorn makes his juices flow,
His full little tummy makes his love light glow!

When I get the “high five” I know that I’ve scored…
With my love-kitchen magic, he’ll never get bored!


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