Which Sexy A-List Stars Are Related To Justin Bieber?


Looks like Justin Bieber isn't the only talented one in his family!

Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot lately—possibly playing beer pong, some swatting prank and a stolen computer. But now he's making headlines for a much more fun reason—his famous relatives have been revealed!

Genealogists at Ancestry.com tell the AP that they've discovered Bieber is a distant cousin (via a couple from the 1600s) of not one, not two but THREE extremely popular and super hot stars. Here's a hint: one's a rock star, one has been named Time magazine's 'Coolest Person of the Year' and the other has one of the strongest singing voices ever.

Find out who the Biebs is related to at Zap2It: Which Sexy A-List Stars Are Related To Justin Bieber?

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