Celebrity Breakups That Broke Our Hearts


Celebrity Breakups That Broke Our Hearts
Three celebrity divorces heard 'round the world.

By Jessica Nappi for CupidsPulse.com

We’ve all gone through our own breakups, and no matter how painful they can be, sometimes seeing celebrities break up is even worse. Celebrity splits involve not only the two in the relationship, but also their entire fan base. Breakups in the celebrity world means more than just broken hearts. They also mean no longer seeing them pose together on the red carpet, waving goodbye to those PDA-filled paparazzi shots and saying sayonara to those lengthy interviews where they gush about how much in love they are. Here are three celebrity breakups that had us screaming:


1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s split is the most recent and therefore the most sensitive of topics. From the moment Cruise not-so-humbly jumped on the couches of Oprah proclaiming his love for Holmes, we all envisioned a happy ending. That was the birth of TomKat, followed shortly by the actual birth of their daughter Suri Cruise. The couple had a six-year run before Holmes shocked the world by filing for divorce in New York City earlier this month. What will we do without seeing ever-so-cute family photos of the duo with their fashionable little girl?

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