Why Olivia Wilde & I Find Funny Men So Sexy


Why Olivia Wilde & I Find Funny Men So Sexy
Olivia Wilde loves her live-in hilarious boyfriend Jason Sudeikis ... and so do I.

4. Russell Brand is hated by some and really loved by others; no matter how funny he is, his divorce from pop star Katy Perry was not a joke. I'm guessing she got annoyed with his super sarcastic attitude. However, he's now single! I loved to hate him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where he played a crazy rock star. Then I really fell in love with him in Arthur. Even though he is a little grungy—OK, a lot grungy—I still have hope for him that some lady will come around and love him as much as I do. Because honestly, that grungy look is sexy!

5. Zach Galifianakis is hot simply because he's super funny in an understated way. His characters are mostly complete idiots in their roles, and it's super funny. I basically want to reach out and hug him. He captured my heart (or abs, since I laughed so hard) in The Hangover which really made him into a star. His character even became a popular Halloween costume that year (as long as you had a satchel and a baby with sunglasses). Many forget he was in the drama Into The Wild which made me swoon, too! He's not only a comedian either; underneath that beard is a deeply awesome man who can actually act! I loved him as a somewhat serious character in Up In The Air just as much as I loved him when he played the hilarious sidekick in Due Date.


So who do you think is the sexiest funny man? My vote is Sacha Baron Cohen; he pushes boundaries in film but has the most stable love life in private!

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