Why We Need More Men In The Kitchen


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In the last 40 years, the amount of time married men spend in the kitchen has tripled.

This phenomenon has been the source of amusement for many, a means of culinary pleasure for some, and just over the last few years, has become the object of disdain for a few cultural critics that find men in the kitchen to be downright obnoxious. Hanna Rosin, a columnist for the Atlantic Monthly, recently penned "The Rise of the Kitchen Bitch,"W a half-hearted smug attack on the male invasion of the kitchen, and the lost female dominion over the kitchen. For Rosin, who refers to this new breed of culinary men as "Kitchen Bitches," (not her coined term, but one she uses playfully) sees this newly cultivated interest as part liberation (for women) and partly an affront to feminism. "The first wave of feminists considered liberation from kitchen duties, along with liberation from housework and enforced vapidity, an absolute must." Rosin muses, but male cooking, for Rosin and a few other dismayed women, is turning out to be one of those feminist-friendly changes that come with an unexpected, bitter aftertaste. As Rosin cites, men cook "to show off for an admiring crowd or simply for the pleasure of it. Women cook because they're expected to and because the people around them have to eat."

Now I am unable to be wholly impartial on this one, seeing as I am one of the offending perpetrators, but in my own defense hardly as domineering and "x-treme" as some men I know, but does this argument ring true for anyone, or is it simply grousing and ritual dissatisfaction? Is the presence, if not dominance, of a man in the kitchen a good thing for everyone, or an unfortunate stress on the relationship? Can this be chalked up to gender growing pains? Do gender rules even apply anymore?


Home chefs, and former home chefs, are encouraged to serve up some hot commentary and remarks on this one.

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