Divorce and Military Marriages: What’s the Connection?


military couple
Doesn't have to end in divorce. Military couples have happy, healthy marriages.

The blanket answer to the issue of divorce among military couples is to create more resources. These couples could absolutely use more counseling, funded support groups, and adequate benefits; all these programs would probably help lower the divorce rate. But no program or initiative can compare to having a supportive community. Being surrounded by a group of people, which includes other spouses who understand your struggles, is priceless. An ear to hear and a hand to hold go much further than any program. It can also be beneficial for couples facing difficult circumstances to get involved in a faith-based organization. A good religious community can offer support during hard times. As an Individual If you are in a military family, you need to plug into these support groups, but you also need to have the right attitude. Accept the life you are living; don’t fight it. Wishing you lived somewhere else or that your spouse had a civilian job isn’t going to help you – it will only serve to frustrate you and create resentment. Expect challenges, but also learn to appreciate the benefits of military life: the places you’ve been, the friends you’ve made, and the moments you’ve experienced. Divorce among military couples may never go away completely, but there’s a lot that can be done to reduce the number of failed marriages. If you’re in a military marriage, you are not alone in your circumstances, and you don’t have to feel like you are. Seek out the support you need to help your marriage thrive.

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