7 Dumbest Things Women Have Done For Breast Implants (Really?!)

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See what dumb things women have done for bigger breasts. Ladies, so not worth it!

If there's a lesson to be learned from Jami Lynn Toler, the Arizona woman accused of faking cancer to raise money for breast implants, it's that some things are just not worth doing for fake boobs. The 27-year-old told her grandmother, her boss and dozens of other friends and family members that she needed money to get a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. She even went so far as to set up fake fundraisers and an online donation page. Toler raised $8,300, which she used to pay for her new pair of boobs. No, there was no cancer involved. It was a lie. For her crime, she was sentenced to a year in jail, three years probation and she will have to pay the victims back. Hmmm. Accepting your natural boobs or facing incarceration? I choose natural boobs! 

Toler's not the only woman who has done something incredibly stupid just to get implants. Click to see what other dumb things women have done for bigger breasts.

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