6 Facts About Lube Everyone Should Know


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Think you know all there is to know about personal lubricants? Think again...

5) Every lube is a "his and hers" lube. In recent years, some lubricants "for him" or "for her" have hit the market. One product might produce a warming sensation; another might leave a cool tingle. But the truth about lube is that it's a shared experience. Both partners can usually feel the difference, no matter who applies it where. Male and female genitalia don't biologically require different types of lubricant.

6) Lube isn't just for sex. There are plenty of intercourse-free ways to use lube. Some couples break out the flavored lube during oral sex. Others use it to enhance sex toy play and masturbation. (Just make sure not to pair silicone toys with silicone-based lube, as it can make your sexytime gadgets slowly disintegrate.) Silicone-based lubes can even work as massage oils. On a less erotic note: Women can also use a little lube to help insert tampons. It's not as fun as a vibrator, but it's good to know.

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