Breaking Up Without Breaking Down


Breaking Up Without Breaking Down

Dating like crazy accomplishes two goals. One, it keeps you busy. Two, it releases PEA and endorphins. This works particularly well for women. You'll feel more secure, sexy and desirable. This shifts your attention off of him and back to you where it belongs. You will do far less pouting, and because your self esteem is stronger, you will get over your old flame far more quickly. So log into a dating site, go see a matchmaker, write a personal advert and let all your girlfriends know you are single so they can fix you up. Now, you may not be that attracted to some of these guys. Some you may not like that much, and a couple not at all. The point of this exercise is to get you out and about again. One thing I can promise is if you sit at home pining the only men you are going to meet are doing pizza and Chinese delivery. Even if your former romance is gorgeous, he's probably not the one for you.

4. Take advantage of quiet time


Know there will be some quiet times. When you find yourself with peaceful moments, try meditation on for size. Do this whenever possible and visualize positive thoughts: times and relationships that are supportive and loving. This past one wasn't, or you would still be together. Having more time with your thoughts isn't bad!

Remember, you deserve to have someone in your life who is caring, honest and faithful to the terms of your relationship. Take solace in the fact you're free from guy problems for awhile. You are now set to find the right person and have a good time finding him.


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