Ke$ha's New Song Depicts Her Sexual Past . . . With A Ghost


The 'Tik Tok' star is in the limelight again— this time, for admitting to getting busy with a ghost!

Ke$ha's new song "Supernatural" isn't about having sexy time with the CW show's stars (whew). No, it's about something much more plausible: She did it with a ghost, y'all.

"[The song] is about experiences with the supernatural, but in a sexy way. I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural," she tells Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM on Tuesday (Sept. 25). "I don't know his name. He was a ghost! I'm very open to it."

Back in June Dr. Luke, a frequent collaborator with the singer, gave fans a sneak peek the new track, which boasts lyrics like, "When you take my body to the stars/ I believe it/ Boy, this love is supernatural/ Can you feel it?"

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