Does Having A Boyfriend Affect How Often You Shave Your Legs?


woman shaving legs
We conducted a survey asking readers whether their dating life affects their shaving habits.

When it comes to boyfriends, I used to always shave my legs — and I mean always — if I thought I would be getting intimate with anybody in the near future. This started to fade for me each summer of the past four years, when I was often away from the guy I was dating at the time and stopped shaving as much. Sometimes, I would quit for entire months; it just seemed pointless.

But in the last year or so, I was re-released into that ridiculously scary, dense jungle known as "dating" and started going out multiple times per week and meeting new people, going on dates, all that good stuff. Even though it really irritated my increasingly sensitive skin, I kept on shaving because I was a bit frightened by whether or not people would judge me based on my hairy legs. However, around April or May, I ceased my shaving because it was itchy and no matter which lotions I used, I would get razor bumps.


So now, I shave once in a blue moon: when I have a ton of time to devote to exfoliating properly beforehand, going super slowly and using aloe vera afterward to sooth the irritation. It's also a great way to tell whether or not I'm a good match for somebody — if they think my legs are an issue, then why on earth would I continue seeing them?

For a long time, I believed that I was strange for only shaving when there was something particularly special coming up or if I was seeing somebody I cared about for a big-deal date. But this survey proves that there are all sorts of different shaving habits. Pick whatever works for you!

Do you shave your legs when it's long-pants season? Does having a significant other affect your shaving habits?

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