Single Celebrities We Want to See Hitched


Single Celebrities We Want to See Hitched

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3. Gerard Butler: While his adoring female fan base would probably send truckloads of hate mail his way if it happened, we all wonder what type of woman could get this Hollywood bad boy to commit. Party antics got Butler fired as a lawyer and have also kept him from serious coupling. “I’m not a big relationship guy,” the 300 actor told Men's Journal. “One of my vices is, I’m too wrapped up in myself and not always in a good way.” That said, as of last spring, Butler has been seen with Madalina Ghenea, a Romanian model who helped him promote a brand of razors. Is the rowdy Scott breaking his old habits?


4. Katie Holmes: Not that the young actress has to start rehearsing her dating scene so soon after her summer divorce, but Katie Holmes still has plenty of time for future love, and even marriage. As a single mother with Tom Cruise's powerful shadow looming over her, future suitors might have an easier time trying to date Batman's ex. Last week, she insisted in Women’s Wear Daily that the important things were to keep trying and not be afraid to fail. Holmes has welcomed some male attention since her split: a friendly kiss from an unidentified dinner date. It would be nice to see a happy ending follow her foray into Scientology.


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