Single Celebrities We Want to See Hitched


Single Celebrities We Want to See Hitched

By Nic Baird for

Whether single by choice or by broken heart, the prospect of marriage for the unattached seems distantly hypothetical. If you're a free spirit looking for flings, fun and flirting, you'll avoid even the thought of it at all costs. For those recovering from a lost love, it’s important not to give up, because Prince Charming will come again. In fact, there are some Hollywood bachelors and bachelorettes who are in desperate need of true love as well. Others are devoted to such a carefree life of casual hookups that it makes one wonder if even the most glamorous single celebrity could lock them down. Here are the stars we'd like to push down the aisle:


1. Robert Pattinson: Shying away from public appearances, steady drinking and tales of heartbreak characterize the media vampire since his split from Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson is known for his legion of Twi-hards, and it's only a matter of time before a Hollywood lady gets close to Team Edward. Katy Perry, a mutual friend of Robsten, took the bruised Twilight hunk out to cheer him up shortly after news of Stewart’s affair broke. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on or, less likely, a fresh love to sink his fangs into, Pattinson deserves the fairy tale romance he portrays.

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2. Cameron Diaz: She's been romantically linked to the likes of Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez, but Cameron Diaz is currently single. The freshly 40-year-old actress is still a blonde bombshell at the box office, but her most recent appearance in the pregnancy comedy What To Expect When You're Expecting makes us wonder if a family is on the horizon. “I’ve never said I don’t want children,” Diaz explained to InStyle magazine. “I just haven’t had children yet.” The simple truth is that a long marriage seems daunting to the powerful starlet, according to a Stylist interview. “Have someone for five years and another person for another five years. Life is long and lucky and yes, love might last forever, but you don't always live with the person you love forever."

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