Reality Bites: Ashley Kelsey's Moving On & Focusing On Herself


MTV's Ashley Kelsey
She may have fallen in love on 'The Real World,' but now Ashley is focusing on herself.

"That's what sucks. This house is full of 32 people, so if you don't tell your story, someone else will. So if I don't talk about it, someone else will bring it up. It's everyone's opinions."

We can't wait to see how this season of BOTS plays out, and either can Ashley! "A lot of interesting relationships are formed throughout the show!"
But, don't think that's her main focus. "I'm developing a website, a blog about working out, health, and fitness," she said. She's also focusing on herself, and planning for the future. "A lot of people on these shows are so focused living for the moment, but you really need to think of the things you're doing and how they're affecting their future."


Stay tuned to see how Ashley and the rest of Team San Diego do on the Battle of the Seasons, every Wednesday (yes, tonight!) at 10 PM.


Tell us: do you think you could live under the same roof as your ex?

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