Car Confessions: 27 True Tales Of Love On The Road


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From humorous to heartfelt, we've collected 27 stories about love and the open road.

5. From getting into a fender bender to having the most amazing drive of our lives, my partner and I have experienced it all. I love it the most when it's just the two of us together. A simple drive to the store can be a date if the couple knows how to do it right!

6. One time I accidentally threw a car in reverse and the engine shut down and with it the power steering as I was maneuvering the car in the mountains on a narrow windy road. I freaked out and let go of the wheel. Thankfully, my boyfriend realized what happened and restarted the engine just before we were hitting the next turn. We came really close to driving off the cliff. The scariest experience of my life!


Bumpy rides
7. The first time my husband took the wheel on vacation in Ireland was terrifying—for me! I was clutching the door and soooo scared as we drove "the wrong way" but my husband was having the time of his life! He is so adventurous and adaptable—he was a natural! Driving there was always an adventure, from the tiny roads to the lack of street signs. And the funny thing is, when we got home, the roads HERE felt backwards! :) Best time in a car I've had yet!

8. The girl with five pairs of handcuffs hanging in her car. I do not need to say any more. Dating Disaster: My Convertible Was Not Rain-Proof

9. When my husband and I first started dating we were at a state park and climbed into the backseat of his two-door to make out. A cop came up and asked us to roll down the window, and after looking inside the car all he said was, "This car is way too small for that."

Conversation and compromise
10. We both love going on road trips, we talk about everything thing from lovemaking to what we want to try next, how our days went, where we want to move and live for the rest of our lives. We talk about both his kids & my kids, and all of our grandchildren, the future of all of them being able to come over for dinner, how we can't wait for all our grand kids to meet and stay the night. Rich and I cannot wait till we are settled in our new house in the country with land, even after a year we still are so excited and can't wait for this to be reality. We are looking forward and can't wait for this goal to be completed!

11. I always get the car that the wife likes even though I may not like it.

12. I get to know my wife better after long drives. We share stories from our past. And it brings us closer, because there's no judgment after. And we plan for the coming day or evening together.

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