Fall In Lust: Aphrodisiacs Of The Harvest Season


Fall In Lust: Aphrodisiacs Of The Harvest Season
Did you know that some of your favorite flavors of the harvest season are aphrodisiacs?

The most expensive of the spices, Saffron's aphrodisiac allure, according to the Knights of Arabia, , is believed to be most effective on women. Like honey, it can give the body that quick fix of energy at a key moment but it adds a more distinctive flavor to foods than its golden cousin.



Many food experts call the tomato, the "apple of love." The sensation of eating a fresh, fully ripened, crisp, clean, juicy tomato is sexy all on its own. Tomatoes have been known to aid in sexual performance. They help calm pre-sex nerves, which can be especially helpful in a first-time-partner situation.

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