Why I'm Boycotting The Hollywood "Meet-Cute" Story


Why I'm Boycotting The Hollywood "Meet-Cute" Story
"It comes when you least expect it" applies to identity theft and unplanned pregnancy, not to love.

So why do the powers that be keep churning out these pre-packaged, ready-to-consume scenarios that are the movie plot equivalent of cheese in an aerosol can? And what's with the awkward apologetic shrug we make when someone asks how we met our significant other and the answer is speed dating? (Yep, I've seen it and I've done it too, despite my meet-cute track record actually being a little horrifying. A snippet: the cute guy I met on the subway turned out to be a con artist who literally ran out on the check after dinner).

A look at box office numbers makes me think that the answer is uncomfortably simple: Hollywood keeps churning it out because we keep eating it up. And the more we eat cheese in an aerosol can—whether we do it loud and proud or guiltily on the couch, in the dark, and in alarming quantities—the more we think that cheese in an aerosol can is how all cheese should be. And the more cheese in an aerosol can feels downright normal, the more we want—and the more we want (and pay for), the more we get.


My solution? I'm going on a diet—my brain could use the break from improbable scenarios, unlikeable leading men, easily-impressed leading ladies, and meet-cute scenarios that have little resemblance to reality. In the meantime, go ahead and ask me how I met my significant other—the story involves online dating and isn't particularly unique…and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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