Why I Decided To Date A Conservative


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I'm a bleeding-heart liberal. But after an internal debate, I decided that love trumps politics.

"You're ridiculous," my friend told me. "Conservative doesn't mean anything! You don't know what he really believes in, and you're being judgmental."

My friend was right. Political labels are just labels, and aren't always a good predictor of how well a relationship will work. I was being judgmental and unfair, ostracizing a huge group of men because I was afraid any conflict would create heartache down the road. In reality, there will always be conflict in a relationship, whether it's cultural, political, spiritual or about washing the dishes. You can't outsmart or avoid it by judging others and hiding from people who are different. In being so closed-off, I was preventing myself from finding something that mattered to me more than politics: love.


When "Ben Affleck" asked to see me again, I was ecstatic. True, we will never watch Bill Maher on Friday nights or celebrate the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement together. We will probably argue about Mitt Romney's lies and trickle-down economics. But perhaps a spirited, political debate and lots of passionate making up is exactly what I need — and a little bi-partisan love is exactly what our country needs. 

Keep reading my column to find out what happens with Ben Affleck!

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