Reality Bites: MTV's Melinda Talks Living With Ex-Husband On TV


MTV's Melinda Stolp
From cast-mates, to husband and wife, and now, back under one roof, Melinda tells all!

So, now that she's back home from the show, Melinda has gone back to her every day life —working as a dental hygenist (yes, she cleans teeth).

"I love what I do!" she said of her career that she's been working at for eight years. "I wouldn't change it. People don't believe it when I tell them that. I had a patient who came in and was like 'I can't believe the girl from The Real World cleans my teeth!' It was so cute!"


She's also looking forward to the future. We know what you're thinking. Is there more challenges to come?

"I guess it depends," she said. "It depends on if it's the right time. Six weeks is a long time to be away. But I've never been able to do an independent challenge. I've always been on teams, and I'm over the team thing!"

This season, you can catch Melinda on "Team Austin" with her "brother" Wes (who has been on seven challenges and won one), her ex-husband Danny (who has been on six challenges), and Lacey, who is a rookie!

Although she's lived with some of these people before, Melinda gave us a little hint that although she has a super goofy personality, we may get to see her more... agressive side this season. "If you mess with someone I really care about . . ."

Well, we'll just let you watch! Don't miss the 90-minute season premiere of Battle of the Seasons 2 tonight at 10 pm EST on MTV.

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