Your BFF Chose Her Boyfriend Over You – Now What?


Your BFF Chose Her Boyfriend Over You – Now What?

By Jessica Nappi for

You and your best friend are usually inseparable: you laugh until you cry, lie side by side on the beach all day and even pluck each other’s eyebrows. So when she finds Mr. Right, it’s easy to find yourself left in the dust. You no longer hang out, and the only time you see her is when you accidentally bump into her while she’s hand in hand with her boyfriend at the mall. While it’s perfectly normal to have that “can’t get enough” feeling when a relationship begins, it’s not okay for a friend to leave you out of their life because you’ve been replaced by someone else. Here are some ways you can help them find a balance between love for you and love for their partner:


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1. Let them go through their honeymoon phase: When two people meet and the chemistry is tangible, it’s hard to rip them apart, especially in the beginning. Every couple goes through what is called a “honeymoon phase,” where they want to spend every waking moment with each other. As a best friend, know that every phase has an expiration date. As soon as your friend has their first fight with their partner, they’re sure to come running back to you. Of course, it’s important to be cautious in welcoming them back. Make sure they know that their sudden absence has hurt you and that they need to make more time for you for your friendship to continue.

2. Remind her that her world does not revolve around him: When a friend begins dating, their mind is in a fog. It can be important to pull them outside of their head and put them in your position. Chances are they wouldn’t like to be ignored by their best friend the way you’ve been. If you put your situation in perspective, they’ll gain a deeper appreciation for you, which is sure to repair your relationship.

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