Love Lessons Learned from Marilyn Monroe


Love Lessons Learned from Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn’s third husband, Arthur Miller, was a brilliant playwright who dazzled her with his sharp mind. Marilyn was an avid listener, but she was all too aware that she was not his intellectual equal. Regrettably, her fears were realized when she read in his journal that he had second thoughts about marrying her and considered her his inferior. After one particularly emotional conversation, she overdosed on sleeping pills, and the marriage ended.

Love Lesson Learned: Choose a partner that loves you for who you are.


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Marilyn’s untimely death was mourned by millions of fans, associates, and former flames. Joe Dimaggio placed roses on her grave every week for 20 years to remember her. But she was tragically unable to find lasting love in her three marriages. If she were here today, I believe her advice to us would be to find a partner that you enjoy being with, that isn’t jealous, and that loves you for who you are. Only then may we have a shot at having the one thing that Marilyn desired most—a soul mate.