Do you have the sneaking suspicion that your significant other is ready to take the next step? Does that scare the bejeezus out of you? Good news: You aren't alone.
In this video, international counselor and YourTango Expert Sheryl Paul explains that "proposal anxiety is a very common experience." Why, you ask? "Relationship anxiety can begin at any point," Paul says, “and usually hits when the level of commitment is increased.” Getting engaged is a huge step, so it’s no wonder you find yourself getting worked up about it. This is a big step, and getting nervous before making this step is a part of life. All of the biggest decisions in life come with a certain amount of anxiety. Many people will tell you that being nervous about getting engaged means that you are having doubts about your relationship. Do not listen to them, you and only know the undercurrents of the relationship. So you and only you can tell whether or not this relationship is ready to take the next step forward.
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